Forget about “Long Path” error

Have you ever faced the problem with various messages caused by “long path” error?

There are lots of topics all over the web devoted to this problem and its decision. Someone suggests to shorten titles, others – to change file or folder name. But it is not always possible to change file name or make any other changes to the files that have long paths.

ABTO Software is glad to present PathTooLong tool – application that lets you replace, copy and remove files and folders with long paths. The tool was designed to help you with data organization and uses a set of methods to delete persistent or locked files.

Path Too Long allows to avoid the following Windows OS error messages:

  • Path is too long
  • Error 1320. The specified path is too long
  • File name is too long to delete
  • File path too long
  • Cannot delete file path too long
  • The file is in use by another program or user
  • Cannot delete file: access is denied
  • The filename or extension is too long
  • Destination Path Too Long
  • Cannot remove folder
  • Could not find this item
  • The file could not be accessed …etc.

PathTooLong tool has intuitive interface and is extremely easy to use. Our software is compatible with all Windows OS that`s why it can deal with various errors caused by OS or other programs.

Trial version of PathTooLong is absolutely free. So you can enjoy the benefits of top-notch error fixing software right now!

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After having tried numerous programs to delete a number of folders from one of my drives nothing worked. Even using the Command Line with every command and extension I could think off failed. Then I tried your program - Path Too Long Utility™. It worked simply and effectively. To your team of technicians a heartfelt thankyou.

Thanks! Your application worked well and accomplished it's purpose.

I've got the application and it's removed the problem folder. Thanks again.

Thank you. This will help me solve some issues by students.

Julia G.
I finally used your tool and it fixed my problem. I was using a script here, but your program is much better.Thanks and good luck.

Thank you so much for developing the path too long utility. It was the only software that eliminated the files clogging my hard drive, and it freed up 345 GB of space! Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

Les Bohony
Thanks. I had some kind of a virus that wouldn't let me load any security programs. But I had located the application and your program enabled me to delete it. Thanks a million!

Victoria S.
Excellent. That worked. Took it over an hour but it successfully deleted a nested application data series which nothing else would touch and which had swallowed up 79GB of my HDD. Paid for itself in one go.

Mike J.
Ha! I was able to delete several troublesome WORD files. Thanks!

Wayne B.
I needed the 'Pro Version' badly. It is a fantastic program for my needs, in the beginning I had couple of error messages, but I worked around (such as I was copying over files gave me chkdisk error msg, then second time it copied only 250 files instead of 300 files completely-for example!??! I deleted copied folder and re-tried then it worked! etc. etc...)

Nisar M.
I am happy with your product, I have discovered not so long ago, I find it so convenient to help solve the problems of file too long to make a backup copy from HDD because blocking 255 character windows. This is a really useful tool that works very well.

Francois L.
I used the product for the first time to delete a file that I no longer needed. Files was copied from a users “Shared Directory” to a preservation server. A few of the files I needed to delete, when I attempted to delete one (1) of the files would not delete because it was too long. I found your tool on the internet, down-loaded the application and successfully deleted the file.
I was very happy J.
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